Cultural and Ideological Clashes in the Context of Built Environment

Cultural and Ideological Clashes in the Context of Built Environment
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Anna P. Gawlikowska
04 January 2016
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Abstract: The paper presented is a theoretical work discussing architecture as a standing testimony of human conflicts stemming from cultural and ideological clashes. The author describes several types of these clashes, starting with the discrepancies between history and modernity. The clash between the old and the new is portrayed as potentially triggering conflicts, in case there is no dialogue between history and contemporary architecture. Another type of conflicts is composed of those stemming from inadequate transposition of cultural norms, which may have a detrimental influence on human identity. Globalisation is shown as one of the factors that affect this loss of identity, and is reflected in architecture. In addition to that, the paper touches upon the issue of chaos vs. order, two notions used and understood differently by the practitioners of particular architectural styles. The antagonism between chaos and order is also described as generating potential conflicts. Finally, the paper discusses the ideology-based conflicts, reflected in architecture. They are described as closely related to the loss of human values, and the symbols of these values. Throughout the work, the author comments on positive and negative practices in culturally- and ideologically-sensitive architectural design, giving examples of projects and buildings, in different time periods.

Keywords: architecture, cultural conflicts, ideological conflicts, social clash, religious conflicts, identity, globalisation

Area: Civil Engineering, Urban Planning and Architecture


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