Floodlighting luminaire for homogeneous illumination

Floodlighting luminaire for homogeneous illumination
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Kamil Kubiak
04 May 2015
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Abstract:  The main subject of the research is a proposition of a luminaire optical system which allows us to illuminate building facades in a more uniform way than it is today in the case when luminaire location is close and asymmetric to the illuminated object. Firstly, the paper introduces and explains the term of floodlighting and presents luminaires that are used in floodlighting. The author casts doubt on floodlighting luminaires quality especially related to luminous intensity distributions. Certain problems arising from illuminating objects by using improper luminaires are presented and discussed. As an attempt to improve the situation, the author shows his innovative concept of the luminaire optical system. Finally, to verify the proposed luminaire optics, the author has made a comparison of his conception with two other luminaires.

Keywords: lighting technology, illumination, floodlighting, luminaires, luminaire design

Area: Power Engineering


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