Top-view People Counting in Public Transportation using Kinect

Top-view People Counting in Public Transportation using Kinect
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Filip Malawski
30 April 2015
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Abstract: This article describes a method for people counting in public transportation. In this particular scenario, various body poses corresponding to holding handrails must be accounted for. Kinect sensor mounted vertically has been employed to acquire a database of images of 1-5 persons, with and without body poses of holding a handrail. An algorithm has been devised for robust people counting, consisting of multiple steps. The handrails are removed by substituting an average image of the handrails from the image with persons holding a handrail. The image is then processed in blocks in order to find potential local maxima, which are subsequently verified to find head candidates. Finally, non-head objects are filtered out, based on the ratio of pixels with similar and near-zero value, in the neighbourhood of the maxima. The method has an average accuracy of 91% and has proved to handle well the handrails in the depth maps.

Keywords: people counting, Kinect, public transportation

Area: Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics


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