Conceptual Prototype of USB Wireless Adapter

Conceptual Prototype of USB Wireless Adapter
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Wojciech Wodo, Lucjan Hanzlik, Konrad Zawada
30 April 2015
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Abstract: In this paper we investigate the issue of wireless USB hubs. Our aim is to adapt any USB device to its wireless version. We propose a minimized mobile hardware solution in the form of an electronic device and software allowing remote usage of peripherals such as keyboards, mice, USB sticks, etc. On the U.S. market similar solutions are known, but they are based on a many-to-one communication model and their design does not encourage mobility. With these designs peripheral devices still have one common point (in this case a hub instead of a computer). Additionally, hubs need external power supplies, thus they are connected to the grid by cable. Our solution is based on a one-to-one communication model and have a few key advantages for mobility. First, there is the possibility of minimizing the device itself and shortening the wire of the corresponding peripheral. Furthermore power consumption of the transmitter is much lower, and therefore there is no need to use an external power supply.

Keywords: USB, wireless, Wi-Fi, communication, hub

Area: Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics


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