Mechatronics and selected issues of the linear servo motors

Mechatronics and selected issues of the linear servo motors
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Sebastian Wiszniewski, Andrzej Dylak
wisz[at]zut[dot]edu[dot]pl, dyziu26[at]wp[dot]pl
13 August 2013
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Abstract: The paper presents state–of–the–art in the mechatronics area, describes the comprehensive problems and trends of future development. Some selected issues concerning mechatronic servodrives are discussed, among which attention is paid to gearless drives with linear motors both asynchronous and synchronous and with high-energy permanent magnets. Th en the results of steady-state and transient analysis are reported, and positive and negative features of both type of motors are displayed. In the summary the conclusions are formulated and the Authors have stated that currently the mechatronics area covers various spheres of industry and socio-existential human life.

Keywords: mechatronics, electric drive, transient processes, linear induction motor, synchronous linear motor

Area: Mechanics, Automation and Robotics


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