Analysis of pressure force between two cylinders

Analysis of pressure force between two cylinders
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Agnieszka Jurkiewicz, Yuriy Pyryev
agnieszka[dot]jurkiewicz[at]wp[dot]pl; y[dot]pyryev[at]wip[dot]pw[dot]edu[dot]pl
13 August 2013
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Abstract: Cylinders are very important elements in an offset printing machine because after being supplied with ink they transfer a printing image on paper. A type of setting as regards the stress between cylinders affects quality of printouts as well as rate of wear and tear of operating materials and machine’s elements. It is of great importance to provide for accurate calculation of stress force between two cylinders because this allows for setting an adequate contact zone width and cylinders indentation. In the printing unit of the offset machine there occurs contact between a metal cylinder and cylinder with fixed rubber blanket. Th e said blanket is composed of some layers, where one of them is a compressible layer. Th erefore, the problem is not of trivial nature, as the blanket is made of a non-linear material.

Keywords: contact problem, off set, blanket cylinder, rubber blanket

Area: Mechanics, Automation and Robotics


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