Clathrate hydrates — effi cient and clean energy resource

Clathrate hydrates — effi cient and clean energy resource
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Paweł Siuda, Joanna Sadlej
13 August 2013
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Abstract: Clathrate hydrates are icelike structures in which water molecules form cavities enclathrating many possible types of guest molecules. Among most important representatives of this group of solid structures are methane and carbon dioxide clathrate hydrates. Th e fi rst one is widely present in Nature and in the future will serve as an energy resource. Carbon dioxide clathrate hydrate may on the other hand serve as a storage reservoir for this green house gas providing cheap way to lower its emission to atmosphere. Th ose are just two of many more important issues that catalyse growing interest of scientifi c world in clathrate hydrates. Characterisation of their properties is crucial to develop technologies, that will enable us to utilize their manifold possible applications. During this presentation I will discuss some of my investigations concerning NMR properties of clathrate hydrates.

Keywords: clathrate hydrates, energy, NMR

Area: Natural Science


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