Cascade reactor system for methanogenic fermentation

Cascade reactor system for methanogenic fermentation
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Sławomir Jabłoński, Anna Krasowska, Jerzy Januszewicz, Andrzej Vogt, Marcin Łukaszewicz
13 August 2013
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Abstract: Methanogenic fermentation is promising method of obtaining environment-friendly energy. Moreover it can be used for disposal of sewage and other organic waste. However process complexity and susceptibility makes it diffi cult for application on a large scale. A new laboratory stand for studding of anaerobic digestion was developed. Th ree fermentation vessels and automated control system provides fl exibility essential in investigation of digestion of diff erent substrates and testing of diff erent reactors confi gurations. Cheese whey is a troublesome dairy waste, potentially suitable for biogas production. Stable fermentation conditions for whey fermentation were obtained with the organic loading rate of 5 kg COD/m3 and methane production effi ciency of 0,3 m3/kg COD. On the basis of obtained data the size of small biogas plant for average dairy was calculated.

Keywords: biogas, anaerobic digestion, whey, UASB, methane, sewage, fermentation, multi-step digestion

Area: Natural Science


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