Comparison of six approaches in DTM reduction for fl ood risk determination

Comparison of six approaches in DTM reduction for fl ood risk determination
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Krzysztof Bakuła
13 August 2013
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Abstract: Software for creating fl ood risk maps and simulation of fl ood water is based on Digital Terrain Model (DTM). LIDAR is the most eff ective data source for DTM creation. Th e essential problem for such data is high redundancy for complex calculations in algorithms used in programs for fl ood model description. However, it is possible to provide suitable DTM for fl ood modeling by its generalization, which could still ensure suffi cient accuracy for hydrodynamic — numerical calculations. In this paper six generalization algorithms were tested to obtain DTM with small number of points and with accuracy comparable to the original model created from LIDAR data. Th e main criteria for this comparison was the relation between accuracy and reduction coeffi cient of fi nal result. Methods used in this research based on diff erent DTM structures. GRID, hybrid and hierarchical structure were compared in various creating approaches to obtain the most reduced and the most accurate terrain model of two case areas. As the result of experiment the best methods for data reduction were chosen. Over 90% reduction rate and less than 20 cm root mean standard error were achieved for diff erent types of terrain with respect to input DTM. It was noted that hybrid models can be more effi cient than a typical uniform GRID. Such reduced models were used in practice to determinate fl ood risk by creating maps of fl ooded area for selected water levels. Diff erence between results from unreduced and reduced DTMs was very slight what proves that well-generalized models of terrain can be eff ectively used in that application.

Area: Natural Science


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