Project of the assigning/executive manipulator to surgery

Project of the assigning/executive manipulator to surgery
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Tomasz Barczak, Krzysztof Mianowski
tbarczak[at]meil[dot]pw[dot]edu[dot]pl, kmianowski[at]meil[dot]pw[dot]edu[dot]pl
13 August 2013
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Abstract: The development of an interactive remote control of robots, of sensors and of view systems has enabled an expansion of potential area of modern surgery. Initiated by an army, the project of surgery in the fi eld of battle has become a base of new domain of knowledge. It should be noticed that surgery executed by robots as minimally invasive surgery could be more precise and less incriminating for patient then using classical methods. Th e topic of the research described in this elaboration is the project of the haptic device with 6 degrees of freedom intended for the work with feedback-force control. Th e kinematic scheme is based on a partially decoupled parallelogram mechanism POLMAN 3×2. It means that it has 3 arms, each consists of parallelogram and quadrilateral transmission-carrying mechanism. The displacement of any degree of freedom has a very little infl uence on other degrees of freedom. Very important problem for ergonomic and surgery precision is a signal communication between the two sides, so it can give a feeling of real touching of an operated tissue by a doctor.

Keywords: robots, manipulator, surgery, haptic, 6 dof, parallel robot, force feedback, laparoscopic surgery

Area: Mechanics, Automatics and Robotics


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