Artificial heart: Hydrophobic coating to make it more natural

Artificial heart: Hydrophobic coating to make it more natural
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Paulina Anna Ziętek, Beata Butruk, Tomasz Ciach
13 August 2013
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Abstract: Polyurethanes are biocompatible materials commonly used in medical applications, mainly as coatings for vascular grafts and artifi cial hearts. Th ere are many methods to increase hemocompatibility of polyurethane surfaces. Presented study was undertaken to obtain hydrophobic polyurethane coatings by silicone and perfl uorocarbohydrate modifi cation. Th e aim of this work was to obtain smooth and homogenous coatings, as porous materials are likely to cause blood coagulation. Surface analysis (IR spectroscopy and scanning acoustic microscopy) revealed that the applied method allows to modify polyurethane surface successfully. An increase in material hydrophobicity was confi rmed contact angle measurement.

Keywords: hydrophobic coatings, polyurethane vascular devices, blood coagulation

Area: Biomedical Engineering


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