Problems regarding stress between offset printing rollers

Problems regarding stress between offset printing rollers
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Agnieszka Jurkiewicz, Yuriy Pyryev
agnieszka[dot]jurkiewicz[at]wp[dot]pl y[dot]pyryev[at]wip[dot]pw[dot]edu[dot]pl
13 August 2013
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Abstract: At present, companies show particular care about quality and profit which are inherent with costs. An in adequately set stress between the printing rollers may significantly worsen the quality and increase costs of printing. Until now, a contact between rollers used to be set by a printer, where it was based on his experience. A width of the surface contact was measured or a distance between the form plate or the rubber to the bearer rings (rings made of hardened metal) was calculated. Th is paper includes a presentation regarding an attempt to solve the contact-related problems by way of mathematical methods

Keywords: contact problem, stress, offset, blanket cylinder

Area: Mechanics, Automation and Robotics


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