Segmentation with image thresholding algorithms

Segmentation with image thresholding algorithms
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Sylwia Sikorska
13 August 2013
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Abstract: The first step in image analysis and pattern recognition is image segmentation and it is one of the most diffi cult tasks in image processing. It determines the quality of the fi nal result of analysis because it is very important and critical component. Th ere are hundreds of segmentation techniques in literature. Th ere is no single method which can be considered good for all sorts of images and conditions. In many applications of image processing, the gray levels of pixels belonging to the object are substantially diff erent from the gray levels of the pixels belonging to the background. Th resholding then becomes a simple but eff ective tool to separate objects from the background. To improve the segmentation results, a strategy consists in combining algorithms in order to obtain a robust segmentation by exploiting the advantages of one method to reduce the drawbacks of the second one. This paper provides a summary of approaches to image segmentation by thresholding available at the present and describes the properties of diff erent kinds of methods and problems encountered. Th ere will be also presented some advanced algorithms with their practical application.

Keywords: image analysis, segmentation, thresholding algorithm

Area: Electronics and Informational Technologies


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