Biometric watermarking for security enhancement in digital images

Biometric watermarking for security enhancement in digital images
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Wioletta Wójtowicz
11 March 2014
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Abstract: In this paper some preliminary investigation on combination of watermarking technique with biometric data to increase security of digital images in case of medical images is proposed. Performance of watermarking algorithm, based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) decomposition, that incorporates biometric watermark is elaborated. The frequency domain were chosen as it is proven, that this domain provides better robustness against attacks and leads to less perceptibility of an embedded watermark. To assure confidentiality of patient data their hand geometry features are embedded instead of patient’s name. Proposed system is evaluated by measuring the similarity between embedded and extracted biometric codes.

Keywords: images security, watermarking technique, discrete wavelet transform (DWT), biometrics, principal component analysis (PCA)

Area: Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics


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