Proposition of an integrated geodetic monitoring system in the areas at risk of landslides

Proposition of an integrated geodetic monitoring system in the areas at risk of landslides
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Krzysztof Karsznia, Adrianna Tarnowska
04 February 2014
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Abstract: The sense of security is being mentioned as one of the most essential human needs. By talking about safety, we understand a lot of factors and aspects that considered together prove its multidimensionality. E.g., you can refer safety to issues such as globalization, demographic changes or functioning of state services. These are examples of issues which, by virtue of the changing conditions of people’s living in contemporary world, never lose their topicality. One from crucial „dimensions” of safety aspect is the spatial information, which is functioning in the world of ICT and modern technologies  and is often called geoinformation. Almost all aspects of life of the contemporary man depend on it. This is because almost every object or phenomenon has its location in space and time. Without adequate spatial information it is difficult to imagine a state security, industry or citizens. For example, appropriately presented road networks, power transmission lines, or actually conducted analyses of the transport efficiency or range of phenomena, have a substantial impact on the effectiveness of the public services and the economy. They constitute also a main component of strategic and crisis management. Very important is e.g. a proper coordination of services ensuring public and property safety, in emergency situations of natural phenomena danger (such as floods, landslides) or coordination of the units responsible for country’s infrastructure.

Keywords: integrated geodetic monitoring system, landslides, geomatic, SOPO

Area: Town and Urban Planning, Architecture and Building Engineering


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