Potentiometric detection of the metabolic activity of human tumor cells

Potentiometric detection of the metabolic activity of human tumor cells
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Karina (Ziółkowska) Kwapiszewska, Katarzyna Stepien, Przemysław Sendys, Michał Chudy, Zbigniew Brzózka
15 August 2013
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Abstract: Monitoring of cellular viability is a key part of toxicological assays in vitro. On-line monitoring of metabolic activity would be particularly useful for evaluation of responses to potential therapeutic compounds. Current assays are mostly based on fluorescent dyes and optical detection methods. These methods offer high sensitivity and specificity, however are not suitable for long-term on-line observations. Electrochemical methods can be an alternative for current protocols. Electrochemical detection is low cost and label-free, therefore suitable for long-term cell culture monitoring. In this work investigations on human cancer cells viability will be presented. Cells were cultured as two-dimensional monolayer or three-dimensional spheroids. Different cell culture media were examined. Potentiometric detection was used for continuous monitoring of cell culture as well as end-point investigations. Different growth phases were identified using applied method. Finally, response to an anticancer drug was successfully observed.

Keywords: cancer, in vitro cell culture, potentiometry, cell culture monitoring

Area: Natural Sciences


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