Intracranial EEG Evaluation of a Resting State Network

Intracranial EEG Evaluation of a Resting State Network
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Dominique Duncan, Robert B. Duckrow, Ronald R. Coifman, Hitten P. Zaveri
15 August 2013
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Abstract: The study of brain networks is based, to a large extent, on pairwise measurements of relationships. Such pairwise relationships can be estimated from brain electrical activity measured from the scalp with routine EEG, from intracranial electrodes during monitoring for epilepsy surgery, or with functional MRI (fMRI) measurements. Here we focus on the study of brain networks through the measurement of pairwise relationships in brain electrical activity as measured by intracranial EEGs. Intracranial EEG data from 11 patients were tested for the presence of relationships which would confi rm or disconfi rm the presence of a resting state network which has previously been observed with fMRI. Mutual information was used as a measure of relationship.

Keywords: Resting State Networks, Mutual Information, Correlation, Epilepsy, Intracranial EEG

Area: Biomedical Engineering


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